Frequently asked questions about renting a bounce house from The Bounce House

Q. Who is The Bounce House?
A.  We are a family owned and operated business, operating in Marietta, GA. Our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, safest and most appealing bounce units and attractions in the industry.  For more about us, click here.

Q. Is The Bounce House Insured?
A.  Yes, we are fully insured!  A copy of our insurance will be shown to you before, or at the time of your rental if requested.

Q. What does your price include?
A.  Our price includes delivery, set-up, brief safety training, and removal of unit.  There is an additional charge if an attendant is requested to stay at your event.

Q.  How long can I keep the unit?
A. Pricing is for a maximum 8 hour rental. We like to set up a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of your event.  We will arrive back after your event has ended.  If you wish to keep the unit overnight, there is a $40 charge to do so.

Q. Who sets up the bounce house?
A.  We deliver, set up, and take down the unit. Each bounce house is fully cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.

Q.  Can you deliver if I have steps or a steep hill to get to the set up area?
A.  For the safety of our employees and our equipment, we can not wheel items up and down stairs and steep hills.  If we arrive and the set up location is not safe for our employees, we will make every effort to set up in a location suitable to everyone.  If we are unable to find a suitable location, you will not be responsible for the full rental rate, but will be charged a $50 delivery fee.

Q. Why can't I pick up the bounce house and set it up myself?
A.  Our main concern at The Bounce House is safety. Some companies allow their customers to pick up the unit and take it home and set it up themselves. We do not believe that this is a good idea. We are trained to evaluate the site, use appropriate stakes and straps to secure the unit to the ground, and bring to your attention some safety issues, which sometimes may go unnoticed. There is no extra charge for this service, and there are no hidden costs.

Q. What is The Bounce House's foul weather policy?
A.  Rain and high winds are the two most common types of bad weather, which require deflation of the unit. If local weather forecasts are calling for rain or winds exceeding 20 MPH on the day of your rental, The Bounce House may have to cancel your rental for safety concerns. If rain arrives after the unit is set up, it must be deflated and all electrical connections should be disconnected. If rain stops, the unit can be re-inflated to resume use. DO NOT use the unit if it is wet, as wet vinyl becomes very slippery and unsafe. Customers do not get a refund if rain occurs after delivery and set up, but we will contact you to discuss options if the weather looks like it may be a factor.
Please see our safety rules for more detailed information on cancellations.

Q. How many kids can bounce at one time?
A. Maximum Weight Capacity - 250 pounds
Approximate Age Group Capacity

  • Children 8 and under: 8
  • Children 9 to 12: 5 to 6
  • Older teens: 3 to 4
  • Over 17: 2-3

Q. Can a bounce house be set up inside?
A.  Yes, our units can be set up indoors or outdoors. Ceiling height should be at least 20 feet high. A school, church gymnasium or auditorium provides plenty of room.

Q. Must a bounce house be set up on grass if outside?
A.  No, we can put the unit on blacktop or parking lots but we prefer grass, as it is safer for the children and easier on the unit.

Q. How much room is needed?
A.  Please review the detailed product information page for the units you are considering.  Each page will provide the required spacing.

Q. Is there paperwork involved in renting from The Bounce House?
A.  Yes, the customer must sign a rental agreement stating that he or she understands the terms of the agreement at the time of the booking.  You will also need to initial and sign a copy of our Safety and Operations Review. This is part of our Airco Organization member requirements.

Q. Is a deposit required?
A.  A $100 deposit is required for park and apartment set-ups only.  No deposit is required for other types of rentals.  We accept check, cash, MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, or Discover.  Deposit is refundable if canceled one week prior to the scheduled event.  All payments are refundable if delivery can not be made due to foul weather.

Q. How does the bounce-house stay inflated?
A.  Once the unit is laid out and unrolled we inflate it with an enclosed blower motor designed specifically for that particular unit. The blower runs the entire time the unit is in use. There are no exposed moving parts on the motor, which is an important safety feature and should always be considered when renting an inflatable. The motor must be located within 100 ft of an electrical outlet, preferably a 20-amp circuit.

Q. What if the bounce house started to deflate with kids inside?
A.  An adult operator must be present at all times when the unit is in use. A unit can suddenly deflate for several reasons such as a tripped circuit breaker, an accidental unplugging of the power cord, or a power outage. The Watchdog siren will immediately warn you of a problem.  The unit takes approximately 30 seconds to deflate therefore the adult operator should NOT panic. Have the kids exit the unit quickly and safely.

Q. Does The Bounce House set up for any type of event?
A.  If you invite us, we will come! A unit is perfect for any function involving kids whether it be a birthday party, block party, church function, company picnic, daycare facility, school event or anything else you could think of. The Bounce House guarantees that our inflatables will provide hours of entertainment, no matter what the occasion.

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