The Watchdog Blower Siren

Your child's fun & safety is our number one goal! That's why The Bounce House supplies the Watchdog Blower Siren with every single inflatable. The blower siren is a revolutionary device that monitors the inflation of the inflatables. If for any reason the inflation is interrupted, the Siren Blower will instantly sound an alarm!
Look for the AIRCO Logo!

The AIRCO logo identifies a company who cares about safety and professionalism. Not every company can be an AIRCO member.

AIRCO members are deeply committed professionals who take pride in delivering the fun for your event. You can feel confident in booking an inflatable from an AIRCO member.

To see a full list of qualifications for AIRCO membership, please use the link at the left.
We don't mind canceling your reservation due to weather related issues.  However, the decision must be made by 8:00 PM the night before. All reservations will be canceled if there is a 70% or more chance of rain at any time during your event.  We use hour by hour page for your zip code for this information.
There is NO bouncing in the rain!  Not only is damaging to the equipment, but it is not safe for those bouncing.  When the bouncy is wet, it is slippery.  Children have a hard enough time watching out for each other without dealing with slipping.
The Bounce House is committed to providing its customers and guests with the absolute safest products and procedures in the industry. Every employee of The Bounce House has been trained in the safe installation and operation of all of our attractions. Once installed, we will review a safety checklist with you to make sure you understand the safety rules associated with your rental item(s).
For the safety of our employees and our equipment, we can not wheel items up and down stairs and steep hills.  If we arrive and the set up location is not safe for our employees, we will make every effort to set up in a location sutable to everyone.  If we are unable to find a suitable location, you will not be responsible for the full rental rate, but will be charged a $50 delivery fee.
-Watchdog Warning System
-Sanitized Before AND After Each Use
-Safe Inflatable Operators Training
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